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China's sanitary ware industry fluctuated for 30 years
Thirty years ago, at the beginning of reform and opening up, China’s modern sanitary ware industry began to sprout. What you can hear are Southern Buddha pottery, Northern Tang pottery, Xisiwei, Dongmeilin, and the diamonds and Caizhou
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Three major changes in China's bathroom industry after the 2020 epidemic
This epidemic is a major physical examination in our industry. Some small-scale companies, home-based workshops, or companies that are unwilling to build brands will be eliminated. It is also a process of shuffling the cards for dealers
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Let the bathroom space become a living space
For a long time, in most households in China, the bathroom is just a place to go to the bathroom and take a bath, and the decoration is often random. Many people are glamorous and expensive to decorate at home, but when the bathroom door is opened
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Only humanized bathroom products can save the comfort of the bathroom!
In the past home decoration design, users or designers often spend more time in the living room and bedroom, and the design of the bathroom only meets the basic functions, and even some bathroom products on the market only continue to function. Perfect, while ignoring the artistic sense brought by the product itself.
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How to choose a good quality faucet? Decoration Xiaobai must see!
Decorating a house is not only a physical work but also a mental work. There are so many things to consider. Buying large and small furniture and objects depends not only on the appearance, but also on the quality.
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